Decided to do a weekly blog entry on my top 5 most ‘listened/appreciated’ tracks of the week.

Here are the first 5!  Top 5 Tracks of The Week (16th-23rd April)

1. Drake – No New Friends/Girls Love Beyonce:

Girls Love Beyonce

Drake stated we should expect two new tracks just under 2 weeks ago, and we didn’t have to wait long..

No New Friends” featuring Lil Wayne and Ricky Rozey will appear on DJ’s Khaled upcoming album Suffering from Success.

“Girls Love Beyonce” featuring James Fauntleroy (Where has this guy been?!) – Drake puts a spin on a true R&B classic. 

2. Disclosure – You & Me Featuring Eliza Doolittle


Not heard much from Eliza Doolittle (Not related to the Dr. I assume), but she lays down her vocals on this brilliant garage/deep produced house track by british duo Disclosure.

3. Jai Paul – Jasmine


OK..this dropped a year ago, but after Jai Paul’s album was supposedly leaked over a week ago on Bandcamp, it was definitely worth listening back to! (Bass got my desk shaking)

4. Daft Punk - Get Lucky Featuring Pharrell 

Daft Punk return with this feel good song for the summer, and when you have Skateboard P on the vocals you can’t really go wrong..

5. Lana Del Rey – Young & Beautiful

Lana Young & Beautiful

And finally…Lana Del Rey releases the soundtrack for  the forthcoming of Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby:

$100 Bill by Jay Z will also feature on the soundtrack, here is a snippet from the song:

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